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Born to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian a.k.a. C-Rouge developed a passion for music at an early age. He became a DJ in his early teens, quickly moving on to music production.

Experimenting with some remixes at first, C-Rouge soon released his own debut single titled Groong which snatched the #1 spot on ctgmusic.com and garageband.com. Influenced by his father—Seto Baghdassarian and his Armenian background, C-Rouge decided to reflect his heritage in his debut album by carefully blending modern Trance sounds with traditional Armenian melodies thus giving birth to genoTrancide. The album received great critical acclaim and established C-Rouge as an up and coming producer. genoTrancide, was later signed by Vibe Lebanon Records and was promoted on all major online digital stores. A follow-up production called Redemption was also signed by the same label company

In 2007 genoTrancide was finally released by GEKA Records in the United States and on major online music stores such as iTunes, Napster, MusicIsHere, and iLike. The album received critical acclaim from yerevannights.com, beirutnights.com, stver.com, trancehits.com and various radio and print media. In the same year genoTrancide was launched at Virgin Megastores Lebanon. The album became No. 1 in Virgin’s Best Sellers for weeks on end while C-Rouge was featured as Artist of the Week. In late 2007, genoTrancide was nominated for the best Trance and House Album in the US-held Armenian Music Awards.

C-Rouge began 2008 with a series of gigs at clubs across Lebanon proving that he is both a class-A DJ as well as a producer. C-rouge often surprises many people by his ability to entertain a “non-trance crowd” something very few trance DJs/producers have managed to accomplish.

By September 2008, fans were anxious for something new from C-rouge. The wait was over when C-Rouge reworked a traditional Armenian song Dle Yaman—which featured vocals by his mother, Shaké Baghdassarian. The launch of Dle Yaman was accompanied by four other remixes by Raneem, Amir Atme, Lon Rewell, Front on Proxoz Recordings. The track was supported by European and US DJs such as Ernesto vs Bastian, M.I.K.E., Danjo and others. In April 2009, Dle Yaman was released as a video clip directed by Suzie Selman and became an instant hit on YouTube. The song is currently a top downloaded cell phone ringtone in Lebanon.

Soon after in October 2008, the album Eternity was released by GEKA Records USA and it quickly became a Best Selling album at Virgin Megastores Lebanon for a second time in less than two years. The album was supported by NRJ radio in Lebanon.

Unlike previous albums Eternity featured vocals and included a wider shade and diversity of sound targeting a wider audience. Eternity received praises from top producers in the field such as Leon Bolier, Joop, Lee Hasslam, John Aquaviva, Christopher Lawrence, John OO Fleming, and many others.

C-rouge continues to produce and play music at clubs in the Middle East where he is one of the top sought after DJs.

source: C-Rouge Website

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