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Carlo Venti, Persian Armenian. At the age of 11 he started singing and playing the Harmonica. He also found that within his soul he would carry the passion for acting, and to travel a theatrical journey. Due to many circumstances he decided to leave his 火红彩票官网登录 land and travel through European countries to get to his destination…Hollywood. Graduated from a few acting academies. After years of hardship he was honored by some major & minor parts in the film industry as an actor and a stuntman. Around his mid 20’s he would find out that his life had become a ring around the entertainment world’s finger. He would play the guitar and entertain his friends and relatives with his rather twisted rock and pop music. November 2008, his first concert and release of his first album “Bavaram Kon” at Kodak Theater, promoted by Power Records Inc.

He produced a very artistic concert at Stars Palace Theater in Glendale CA, on December 2009, as the first Persian Theatrical Concert. He wrote the screen play for over 4 months and had over 50 staff members to work on his stage. “It was the most unique concert ever been” the audience stated, at the show.

Today Carlo, Bahram, and Da-Chemist are working together to make his second album “AFSOUS”, releasing End of January 2010.

Carlo, he states “Nothing big comes easy, and so it takes many small roads to find the highway, but once you found it, all the hard work ends up being worth the sweat and tears”.

source: Carlo Venti’s Facebook Page

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