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V-Money grew up in Los Angeles (coming from Armenia 1988) He was a big fan of West Coast hip-hop that took over the world at the time with there Gangsta lyrics & attitude. As years passed by he always had the dream of one day being involved in music some way or some how. He was 15 years old & sitting in his room playin’ to different songs on an old sterio & tryin’ to match the song with his computer that’s when it hit him “that he really enjoyed this”. So one day he was watching TV & he saw Jazzy Jeff doin’ his thing and he was hooked. He didn’t become an official DJ until the age of 22 when he went to WMC Miami for the 1st time ever & was introduced to House Music, that just changed his entire view about music, & he grew every single Minute after that & here he is today.

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