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Singer Georgig Chirishian was born on july 14 1983 in Aleppo, Syria.

Starting from a very young age he began singing, his first step was joining the KAROUN choir, 1996 with the help of Maestro Compositor Boghos Abadjian he became better and better in the singing field.

Few months later he formed his first band named Artsakank (Ecko) with the help of Nareg Abadjian son of Boghos Abadjian.

Meanwhile he was continuing his education.

From 1996 to 1999 he had the chance to travel around with the big band named khaghaghutyun (peace) which was his second band, this big band had 17 huge artists and they all together reached to their goals and tried their best to reach to a certain level in the musical feild.

The year 2000 Georgig Chirishian signed his first official contract and started business with quality restaurants.

His first single song (Loor Ser) was recorded at the Studio Blue with Raffi Kantarjians Arrangement in the year 2006 which was moved to the ARMENIAN TAPESTERY CD and was also moved to the KANTSASAR newspaper.

In the year 2004 Georgig Chirishian formed a band named RAMAYA with alot of hard work they reached to their goals in the musical feild and they all worked together hand in hand stayed together as a one band until nowadays.

The year 2009 Georgig Chirishian worked hard and published a new CD ALBUM named HAYASDAN with the Arrangement of Hovig Adourian in the ACOUSTIC Studio that he is now the keyboardist of the Ramaya band.

The year 2010 Georgig Chirishian recorded his second Single Song named TSOUYN which was moved again in the ARMENIAN TAPESTERY CD, This hard work was put together in the Studio 55 with the arrangement of Ramaya band and recording mix down Yeghia Daghlian that he is now also Ramaya bands Drummer.

With the Support of everyone we will move forward each and every year and lets all support our Armenian singers and the Armenian music.

I would love to thank my fans and all my supporters.

I would also love to Thank for giving me this great opportunity.

Thanks to all my Armenian fans

source: Georgig Chirishian

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