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From a young age it was apparent HRATCH BOGHARIAN had musical talents singing in both Armenian and Arabic.

At the age of 17 he recorded his original song that became a hit throughout Aleppo Syria – his birth town.
It was In 1997, that Hratch’s popularity took off as a leading singer in Aleppo, Syria. He is inspired by his brothers of music, Paul and the late Nazo .

After Hratch completed his 2 year military duty in Syria, and being a very successful singer there with permanent gigs in hotels and clubs, Hratch in 2003, felt it was time to move on to Beirut, Lebanon where he continued charming and performing to sold out crowds.

In 2005 Hratch migrated to the United States where he settled in Los Angeles California. His velvety voice is getting the attention of the community with constant bookings, mesmerizing his audience with his smooth voice.

Hratch’s live album was released in 2009 and just proves what a great live singer he can be.

He is currently working on a new album to be released in, early 2011 -a mixture of Armenian and Arabic songs

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  1. Hratch Bogharian is one of the best Lebanese Armenian singers around right now. I dont have to say much else. He sang at my friends weddings and has gotten referrals from both of them.

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