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Hratch Gaydzagian started singing at an early age during school celebrations, family gatherings and scout camps with the encouragement of his parents and friends. In the early 1990’s, he enrolled in the Hamazkayin Beirut P. Ganatchian conservatory and studied music for two years after which he continued his studies with Ms T. Tekeyan to further develop his talent. During this period, Hratch received invitations to perform in various cultural and social gatherings after which he gave his first personal concert and gala dinner dance.

Since 2003, Hratch has been attending the Lebanese National higher Conservatory of Music and taking special Arabic Oriental music courses.

In addition to performing in Armenian (cultural, national, country火红彩票官网登录, folkloric and love songs), he entertains the crowd in the Arabic, English, Greek, Spanish and Italian languages.

Hratch is well known throughout the Armenian Diaspora and has been to all the major countries where Armenian communities exist not only in the Middle East (Syria) and the Gulf Region (UAE, Kuwait, KSA) but also in Europe (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Valance, Amsterdam, …), Canada (Montreal, Toronto), and United States (Washington DC).

Dancing & Acting Talents:

Before entering the singing domain, Hratch was a member of the Hamazkayin Kenar Dance group for a period of 8 years and has performed in the Baalbek Int’l Festival with the famous Lebanese singer Feyrouz.

By the end of 1998, he joined “Rimah” group and performed in various cultural celebrations and beauty contests.

In 2001, Hratch was invited to join the Mansour Rahbani’s Al Moutanabi theatrical dance show, during which he performed an Armenian folkloric song to the excitement of the thousand of spectators present. 2 years later in 2004, Hratch also participated in the Beytedin International Festival in another theatrical dance show “Hekm Al Raayan” with the same group.

Hratch has also been involved in various acting scenes, the most important of which was his role in the first Lebanese-Armenian television film “Lese Tsayne Serdit”.

He believes singing, dancing and acting are three inseparable entities and one completed the other. That is why most of the time we see him dancing on the stage together with the audience that gives the celebration its unique taste.

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