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JAQ Hagopian is a well known singer in the Armenian, Arabic, and Assyrian communities and Performs at all different types of events such as barhantes’s (all over the USA) , weddings, engagement parties, christening’s, birthdays, and works in clubs in the new York area every Friday and Saturday nights. JAQ style reaches out to a many Armenian hearts.

JAQ sings in many different languages and styles in Armenian he’s style has a wide range of many different regions, and in Arabic he sings Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptians, khaligi, qedoud 7alabi, jizrawi and Assyrian music. Although JAQ sings many old and traditional songs he also has very new generation songs he’s goal is to capture the Armenian youth and their hearts and always keep them listening to he’s music for them to stay close to their culture and appreciate their culture in every aspect. He is always known for fulfilling the listeners heart with the art of music they need, and is always open to hear about opinions and requests from he’s fans. As always JAQ is thankful and most grateful for he’s supporters and fans threw out the years.

JAQ has always been known for he’s feeling and passion for music. With generosity and the willingness to help the Armenian community in each and every way he can. He has done many community events as a donation and will continue helping Armenians to stay close their culture and background with he’s music, voice, and unique positive character.

JAQ has a close bond with most Armenian and Arabic musicians from all over the world and respect and loves each and every one of them and their unique style. JAQ has a close bond with he’s band (Ararat band of New Jersey) not only do they have work relations but they are very brotherly and family like specially with the Respected Composer, Vicken Makoushian. JAQ’S band varies from one man band to a 13 peace band depending on your needs and wants.

He has many singles out on youtube.com and on radio stations such as radioaga.com and hyevibes.com.


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