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Karnig Sarkissian



Karnig Sarkissian is a very famous Armenian patriotic singer,he started singing in a very early age,when he was in Aleppo.he became a member of a youth organization of ARF in 1964.his idol was KEVORK CHAVOUSH and he followed a singing career till to date.he traveled around world,where there are ARMENIANS,and he inspired the young ARMENIAN youth through his music.


A Collection of Karnig Sarkissian’s Videos / Songs. Yes! he deserves his own channel!

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  1. Karnig Sarkissian God gifted person unique style loveble person down to earth person,he can take any song from the original singer and make it better.this man deserve to have his own show,and deserve it he did lots of good to Armenian community and we apreciate that.PS.Karnig Sarkissian he is born and not made.

  2. hi karnig, My name is Lori manoukian. Every year at the navasartian games i go, and i have always seen you sing there, i like to listen to your songs to. One of our close friends Janet Dourian passed away from ovarian cancer a couple of years ago, and she was a big fan of you. Maybe you know her, i don’t know. She used to listen to your songs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Anyways, take care. Lori

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