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Paul Apanian was born in Beirut on september 22, 1980. He attended the conservatory in 1996 where he studied the Tabla and oriental music for 8 years.

Paul Apanian rose to stardom when he was chosen to perform with world renowned artist Sting and then was invited to accompany the artist on his world tour. Paul is a very talented young artist that copes with every kind of arrangement and uses his Arabic instrument in all kinds of music ranging from Salsa to sometimes classical. In 2002, Paul attended the (studio el fann /version of Art studio) programme on LBCI and he won the medallion.

He played his instrument with several International artists and orchestras such as DJ Said Mrad, Sting, Guy Manoukian, Raoul di Blasio and The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

He participated in international festivals including:

  • Live in Cairo,Guy Manoukian‘s concert, Egypt
  • International Music Festival 2005, Russia
  • The Music Festival in Jordan .
  • Formula One Event in Bahrain “July – 2005”
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival “March – 2007”
  • Qatar National Theatre “April – 2008”
  • Palais des Congres – Dbayeh, Beirut “June – 2008”
  • Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall – Yerevan, Armenia “July – 2008”
  • Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival “November – 2008”
  • Esplanade – Singapore “April – 2009”
  • Beiteddine – Lebanon “August – 2009”
  • K. Demirchyan Sport-Concert Complex – Yerevan, Armenia September 2009
  • Qatar National Theatre “March – 2010
  • Summer 2001 Sting (Baalbeck Festival) performing oriental drums
  • Summer 2004 Raoul di Blasio Concert (Forum de Beirut)
  • Guy Manoukian concerts, Jazz festival Dubai 2007

source: Kharma Productions Website

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