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Raffy Zakarian born in 24/11/1967, has attended Mesrobian College. He has been inspired, and has loved music from a young age. He first held the guitar, and began learning at the age of 12.

He made his first appearance on stage at the age of 18, performing European style music. From that day on, he organized an Armenian band under his name. He has played for many famous Armenian singers.

He composed two hit songs in 1995, “Vokhchoun Kez Hayasdan” and “Hrashapar Dsnounte”, and with ten respected, and talented Armenian singers, singing the song.

From the year 2008, he made 3 vol of CDs.

The first Vol, consists of classic European songs.

The second Vol, consists of Armenian songs.

Finally the third Vol, consists of his composed Armenian songs, in which most of the music and lyrics is done by him.

He now hopes to compose more English songs, with his own lyrics and music

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