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Sirusho’s biography is one of the most accomplished and interesting biographies in the Armenian show business of today. She comes from a family of artists – her parents have been recognized as accomplished artists of Armenia – her father being a renowned actor and director (an Honored Artist of Armenia) and her mother a reputable singer beloved by the public (also an Honored Artist of Armenia).

Sirusho’s first encounter with singing and music was when she was ten months old. Yet, it wasn’t long before she started to sing full songs, being two years old. One of the songs that Sirusho performed as a child was “Qele-qele”, an Armenian folk song written in the early 1900s by Komitas.

For over 13 years, the 22 year old artist continues to be one of the most famous and adored singers for Armenians in Armenia and abroad. In one of her interviews she mentioned, “I have never been one of those children who dreamt of becoming a singer. I was a little kid and people would ask me to sing at events. Every time after I sang, I would see the amazed looks on their faces and I couldn’t figure out the reason. I mean, I thought I wasn’t doing a hard thing, I was just singing the way I felt the music”. Those amazed faces marked the beginning of her career, following her from success to success.

At the age of 7 Sirusho began to write her own music, as well as lyrics in Armenian and English. She was 8 when she greeted her first big crowd. At the age of 9 the song, she had composed, brought her an award at the Contest of Young Talent. Being only 10 years old, she successfully competed in a contest with participants over her age (under 22) eventually winning the first place. She released her first album “Sirusho” when she was 13, gradually becoming one of the most favored performers at the biggest Armenian concerts. Some of the best Armenian composers have written songs for her. She has toured around several countries, bringing vibrant Armenian pop and folk music to Canada, the U.S., France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Lebanon, Egypt, Georgia, Russia, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and elsewhere.

After performing soul and pop music for years, Sirusho decided to work on the album of Armenian folk gusan songs by Gusan Sheram (this album also included the hit song “Shorora”). In 2005, the album was recognized as The Best Album of the Year at the Armenian National Music Awards. Her success at the 2005 Awards became double by receiving the award for Best Female Artist of the Year, being only 18. At the end of her thank-you speech, she said, “I have worked and toured a lot this year, and even in a few hours after this event, I’ll be flying to the U.S. for concerts, and I want to thank you all for giving me wings for all the future “flights” of my life. In a few days her single “Give me wings”, written by herself, had flooded radio waves and music channels, becoming a hit among the Armenian public. In 2006, Sirusho received the award for Best Female Artist of the Year at the Annual Armenian-Russian Diaspora Music Awards held in Moscow. A year later, she was announced The Best Female Artist of the Year at the Armenian Music Awards, held by the Armenian-American Diaspora at the Kodak Theater. Sirusho received her fourth Best Female Artist award at the 2008 Armenian National Music Awards, where she had obtained her first award in 2005, and had promised to continue her “flight”. She has received several other awards for her songs and music videos.

In 2006, Armenian pop music suffered the loss of one of its best performers of all times, Varduhi Vardanyan, in a tragic car accident. Varduhi had been like a sister for Sirusho ever since she was a little kid. In her loving memory, Sirusho dedicated a song called “Mez Vochinch Chi Bazhani” (“Nothing Will Part Us”).

In 2007, Sirusho released her third album, titled “Hima”, which included the song dedicated to Varduhi, as well as many other tracks written and produced by Sirusho. The album proved to be a breakthrough in Armenian music, unleashing a fresh wave of mixing soul and R&B with Armenian instruments such as Duduk, Dhol, Zourna, and others.

Graduating from Yerevan School #114 named after Khachik Dashtents, Sirusho decided to continue her education at Yerevan State University. And now she has graduated International Relations.

In 2007, the Armenian Public Television surprised Sirusho by asking her to represent Armenia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. From four candidate songs produced by four Armenian composers (with lyrics written by Sirusho), the Armenian vote selected “Qele, Qele”!

Sirusho took the fourth place in Eurovision Song Concert 2008 in Belgrade. She had a wide promo tour in many europian countries and “Qele-Qele” became famous all over Europe.After the contest she participated in many famous music evets in Sweden, Italy,Ukraine,Russia,Belarus,UK,Israel,Greece,Serbia,Cyprus and other Europian countries.Sirusho continues performing and composing, producing songs for her colleges.

source: Sirusho’s Official Website

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  1. You are my favourit Armenian songer, I can not get enough of your Shorora…….stay like that… that we can be always proud of YOU!!!!!!

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