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My name is Sourig Makdessian . I was born in Aleppo 1970

Music is my life. I loved it from my childhood. I was so lucky to have the chance to meet the compositor Mr. Berj Kassis who became a big brother, and a teacher for me. in 1986, after 2 years of hard work and practices with him I started to sing. In 1988 I had chances to sing in lots of restaurants and hotels. In 1996 I had my own concert with Mr. Berj Kassis as arranger and conductor. I sang Armenian folkloric songs, beside my own songs. From that time on now I continued singing in many occasions, wedding parties, and concerts, some of them with big bands .The last concert in which I participated, was in Beirut, organized by the Armenian Family.

My people are the Armenians .I will always sing for them beautiful new songs.

With my best wishes

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  1. all the best for Sourig.
    Sourig is singing in this video during gala dinner of my armenian-family website launching in Beirut at Ararad Palace , Zalka December 12, 2009

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